Working Together

Well, that was surely a fun weekend! We just got finished wrapping up the Great Cloth Diaper Change here at Pumpkin’s, held every year in celebration of Earth Day and all things reusable. We wanted to take this opportunity to once again recognize our bright and talented co-sponsors for the event: Babes in Arms and the Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot! A huge shout-out is also owed to Karen from the fabulous Babies in Cloth for taking on the monumental task of organizing not just our local event, but multiple, simultaneous cloth diaper changes all over the world (yes, you read that correctly – the whole world!!!). It was a wonderful day filled with visits, workshops, and even a little shopping, and we thank each and every one of you for joining us.

Now, for the big news: we’ve got an announcement to make!! If you haven’t already heard, we have entered into an exciting partnership with Babes in Arms, and are now accepting diaper stripping orders to be dropped off at their store, located in Bridgeland! This is great news for any Pumpkin’s clients who live in the northern communities of the city and will now have access to a much more convenient drop-off location for diaper stripping – no more making that long drive down to southeast Calgary! There won’t be any additional charge for choosing Babes in Arms as a drop-off point, but we do ask that you still continue to schedule your order with us here at Pumpkin’s so that we don’t miss picking it up.

If you’re having Pumpkin’s strip your pre-loved diapers and want to ensure that you start off on the right foot when it comes to washing those freshly-cleaned diapers at home again, check out the informative cloth diaper workshop offered by the knowledgeable Christine at Babes in Arms. She’ll cover all the ins and outs related to selecting, using, and washing cloth diapers – they even have classes available in Okotoks!

If you haven’t been in to Babes in Arms before, make sure that you take a couple of minutes during your diaper stripping drop-off to wander the aisles and look around. They stock so many great goodies besides cloth diapers, including baby-wearing gear, teething necklaces, and the cutest grow-with-me pants around, just to name a few. Thanks so much for partnering up with us, Babes in Arms – we couldn’t be more excited to be collaborating with such an amazing local small business!