Why We Choose Cloth, Part Two

Last week, we kicked off the first of our two-part blog series talking about why we choose cloth. We delved into the environmental benefits of cloth diapering, and shared some of the ways that choosing cloth helps us to be responsible stewards of our planet. Today, we’re going to look a little closer to home, and chat about all the ways that cloth diapering can benefit not just the environment, but also your family. As with our last blog, we want to be very up-front about the fact that we are in no way intending to pass judgement on anybody who chooses disposables for their little one – every family is unique, and it’s important for mom and dad to decide what’s best for them and their situation. That said, we’re happy to share with you today all the ways that cloth has benefited our family, and could benefit yours. Read on, and learn more about why we choose cloth!

Benefits for Your Family

While the upfront costs associated with cloth diapering can add up to be more than disposables, the savings will definitely start to add up over the long run – especially if you plan on having more than one child! Not only can you re-use the same diapers between your own children, but once you are done, you can either resell them, or donate them to another family. It’s the cloth diapering circle of life!

Another major advantage inherent to cloth diapers is the benefit to our babies: with cloth, you can avoid harmful chemicals, create a cooler environment for your little one, and potentially work towards potty training at an earlier age!

That said, disposable diapers are changing and evolving as well. There are now several different options for eco-disposables on the market that claim to avoid bleach and fragrances. Unfortunately, though, there’s still lots of work to be done on this front, as there can be plenty of harmful chemicals even in these “eco-friendly” diapers – most often found in their absorbent cores. Sodium polyacrylate is used to turn liquid urine into a gel, but it has also been linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome when used in tampons. There are also toxic by-products released into the environment during the manufacturing process of disposables which will continue to build up over time, if left untreated.

There have also been several scientific papers that have linked the use of disposable diapers to heightened scrotal temperature in male infants. Increased temperatures during this delicate development phase can negatively impact future reproductive health. One way to prevent this is to use cloth diapers which feature breathable fabrics such as cotton, fleece and wool – plus, as an added bonus, there are just so many adorable designs to choose from to cover those little bums!

While we’ve spend lots of time discussing all sorts of great reasons to get your kids into cloth diapers, one of the biggest benefits cloth presents is how quickly your little ones will get out of them! Even though potty training varies between children, it’s generally noted that children who wear cloth diapers tend to potty train at an earlier age. This is because cloth-diapered children are able to become familiar with the sensation of being “wet,” and are quicker to connect this wetness with the need to use the potty. Cozy, cute, and packing the potential for early potty training – it seems like there’s nothing cloth diapers can’t do!

We Choose Cloth – And We Couldn’t be Happier

Here at Pumpkin’s, we work hard to be great advocates for cloth diapering. We do our absolute best to source exceptional, well-made products from local manufacturers who are committed to using environmentally-friendly fabrics. We also go to great lengths when it comes to testing our diapers post-wash, to ensure we’re achieving a neutral pH for your babe’s sensitive skin. Further, we regularly offer promotions and discounts to help our clients get into cloth by further reducing the cost of our diaper service. And finally, we aim to never throw out a single cloth diaper – our retired diapers are donated to fabulous organizations that help orphanages and families dealing with financial hardships all around the world!

These are all the reasons we choose cloth. How about you? Feel free to get in touch to share your cloth journey with us, or to learn more about whether cloth is the right choice for you. If there’s one thing we’re always happy to chat about, it’s why we choose cloth!