Upcoming Event: The 2018 Spring Baby and Tot Show

It’s springtime on the Prairies! The snow’s starting to melt, the days are getting warmer (well, some of them are, anyway – it is still March, after all!), and soon, winter will be nothing more than a chilly, distant memory. Of course, spring means more than just nice, sunny days. This is the season of new life and fresh beginnings – and, if you’re a new or expectant parent, it also heralds the return of the Calgary Baby and Tot Spring Show! We always look forward to these shows – in fact, they’re one of the highlights of our year! Never been to a Calgary Baby and Tot Show? Read on to find out what makes this event such a special one (and to discover how you might be able to snag a free pair of tickets from us!).

Getting Out There with Other Parents

One of the big reasons we love attending the Calgary Baby and Tot Show is that when you’re there, you’re truly free to embrace just being a parent. Want to talk for ages about your kids with that vendor you just met? Go right ahead – they’ll have plenty of kid stories of their own to share with you! Is one of your little ones having a meltdown in the middle of the show floor? Don’t worry, we’ve all dealt with that before – no judgement here! Have a burning question about parenting that your non-parent friends would look at you like you’re crazy for asking? The folks at the Baby and Tot Show have heard it all, so fire away!

That’s what’s so great about attending the Calgary Baby and Tot Show: as a parent, you’ll feel like you’ve come home. These are your people. Everyone here understands and embraces what it means to raise a small, loud, sometimes-overly-difficult human being – and they’re all here to help make your time doing the same just that much easier. If you’re expecting (or even just in the planning stages of starting a family), then this is a great opportunity to prepare and experience a taste of what’s to come; if you’re already a parent, there’s nowhere like the Baby and Tot Show to learn, grow, and really just embrace being a mom or dad for a couple of hours. Either way, we bet you’ll leave feeling invigorated, recharged, and ready to take on anything that life as a parent can throw at you!

Spreading the Word About What We Do

Of course, being a cloth diaper delivery company, we have another reason for loving the Calgary Baby and Tot Show. These semi-annual events give us the incredible opportunity to get out there and chat face-to-face with parents from all across southern Alberta about what it is we do, and how we can help make their lives as parents simpler, more convenient, and – as a bonus – less impactful on the environment. We’re incredibly proud of the services we offer here at Pumpkin’s, and will always jump at the opportunity to spread the word about what we do, and how it makes those early years of parenting just a little more stress-free – and a lot easier on the wallet.

Aside from chatting about the services we offer, the Show also gives us the chance to connect with all of our wonderful clients and colleagues who come out to say hi – and for us, this is probably the most worthwhile bit of all. Being able to sit and talk with the folks in our service without having to worry about rushing off to the next delivery is an incredibly rewarding experience. We love offering cloth diapering advice, hearing feedback about our service, or even just having a friendly chat with anyone who takes the time to come out and find our booth. So, swing by and say hello – we couldn’t be happier to talk, and always look forward to connecting with show-goers!

If this blog has you itching to get out there and explore the Calgary Baby and Tot Show, we couldn’t be happier – and we’d love to help you attend! We’ve got a couple pairs of free tickets we’re looking to give away before the exhibition. Just pop by our Facebook Page and look for the contest post pinned to the top of our Timeline shouting out our free ticket giveaway! “Like” our Page, Share the post, and Tag a friend in the comments that you’d want to bring to the Show with you, and we’ll enter you in our draw to win a free pair of passes! Hope to see you there!