Up and Coming Parenting Trends in 2019

As we head deeper into February and march steadily onward into 2019, we thought we’d take a moment to quickly look at the months ahead by examining some of the top parenting trends of the year. 

“Wait!” you might be thinking, “Top parenting trends of the year?? It’s only been 2019 for six weeks!” Of course, you’re right – but even though the new year kicked off only a short while ago, there are already a number of fresh, in-vogue parenting colloquies and conversations that have begun to take shape. Read on to learn a bit more about what to expect over the coming months!

Over-the-Top Gender Reveals Are on the Way Out

Maybe it’s the weeks of planning that throwing an elaborate gender reveal party entails. Maybe it’s the many disasters and near-misses that pink- and blue-coloured smoke bombs and other paraphernalia have caused. Regardless of the reasons why, parents and parents-to-be are starting to express something of a disdain for expensive and over-the-top gender reveal events. So, if you’re planning on having a bit of a party to celebrate the sex of your bundle of joy-to-be, consider keeping it low-key and casual – if not for your bank account’s sake, then for the sake of any nearby forestry! 

Open and Honest Conversations About Miscarriage

For years now, parenting has been trending towards the “real.” More and more often lately, moms and dads are beginning to feel comfortable having open, candid conversations about not just the glorious triumphs that are often associated with pregnancy, babies, and raising a family, but some of the pitfalls and hardships related to parenting as well. Now, thanks to some powerful voices that have started speaking out, some of the stigma has begun to lift around topics of conversation that used to be seen as taboo or somehow unbecoming to talk about – topics such as miscarriage. 

The traumatic event of a miscarriage is something that many women experience throughout their lives, but that has always been frowned upon by society as a subject not fit for polite conversation. Simply being free to open up and talk about any sort of negative experience is the first step towards healing, so we couldn’t be happier to see this trend of open and honest dialogue starting to take shape in 2019. 

Taking Care of Your Kids Means Taking Care of Yourself

Parenting’s a tough gig, as anybody who’s spent any amount of time doing so can tell you. Making the entire experience even harder is the notion that’s permeated our society that suggests any free time you have that’s not spent on your kids, your home, or your family is time “wasted” or “selfish.” Thankfully, it looks like the cultural mindset is starting to shift in this regard as more and more parents are spending time in places like Pinterest searching for and chatting not about their kids, but instead about their own parental selfcare. 

And this makes sense! Parenting is a physically- and mentally-demanding task – and just like any sort of difficult job, a person’s going to perform better when they’re well-rested and focussed as opposed to when they’re feeling like they’re being run into the ground. So, make 2019 the year that you spend a bit more time on yourself – your whole family will thank you for it!

* * *

It sure looks like we’ve got an exciting year ahead of us! Of course, this quick look at what the coming months hold in store only scratches the surface of the many parenting conversations we’ll all be having over the course of 2019. 

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