Lindsey – April 5, 2017

I knew I was going to cloth diaper my babies when I was pregnant, but I didn’t even look into using a service. I thought they would just wash my own diapers for me; I didn’t realize that they provided the diapers, and pretty much just take care of everything for you.

Fast-forward to when my twins were almost a year old, and I was just about at my wits’ end trying to find the perfect wash routine so my diapers would actually come out clean. It was also time to purchase the next round of diapers, because the babies had grown out of the first size. For some reason, I ended up looking at services. Best decision ever!

I found Pumpkins, which had recently come under new ownership. Cayley and Steve have provided some of the best customer service I’ve experienced in years. They go out of their way to ensure their customers are getting what they need. The diapers are top-notch—we never have leaks. Delivery is always timely, and the price is right (especially for twins! I’m barely spending more than I would to buy and launder my own). I even got them to strip my original diapers, and they all came back in beautiful condition.

I honestly have nothing but good things to say. My only regret is that I didn’t start with them from the beginning. If you’re considering a diaper service, you’ve found the right one here!


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