Spring has Sprung – Let’s Have Some Fun!

Just like that, over the course of only a handful of days, we’ve watched the temperature swing from -30°C all the way up to some comparatively balmy days featuring highs in the positives (with the promise of the mercury climbing into the double digits in the near future!). Southern Alberta weather sure has a funny way about it! 

That said, you’re sure not going to catch us complaining. We’ve had just about enough of running deliveries in that frigid, frosty winter weather, and our kids are both practically vibrating with all the pent-up energy they’ve got in store after being stuck inside the house for so long. We figure most families out there are probably feeling something along the same lines, which is why we thought we’d take some time in today’s blog to share a few great ways to have some springtime fun with the family. Spring is here – let’s get out there and make the most of it!

Make a Pitstop at Heritage Park

Speed on down to Heritage Park (well, don’t actuallyspeed!) this March and check out Spring Rally in the Alley– a special seasonal event taking place March 22-31 at Gasoline Alley. Challenge the Over the Mountains and Through the Woods obstacle course, blow bubbles, fix a broken-down jalopy, dress up in some stylin’ driving duds, and more. If your kids are full of energy after a long February cooped up in inside, they’ll be able to burn off plenty of gas at this fun springtime event!

Help Save the Environment on St. Patrick’s Island

Join hundreds of Calgary families and celebrate this big, beautiful planet that we live on by taking part in Earth Hour on March 30! Experience Calgary Unpluggedbetween 7pm and 10pm at Confluence Plaza on St. Patrick’s Island for a fun, environmentally-themed, family-friendly good time. There’ll be hot chocolate, bike-powered music and lights, games, and more. Event-goers are encouraged to bring their own lantern or earth-inspired costume to join in on the festivities. If you can’t make it down for the event, bring the little ones out for a stroll on beautiful St. Patrick’s Island any other day this March to experience and enjoy all the natural beauty that this uniquely-Calgarian space has to offer – it’ll be sure to put a spring in your step! ?

Have Some Fun Under the Big Top at Telus Spark

If you finally get a free day for springtime fun this season only to find that the mercury’s dropped and we’re in the midst of one of our famous Southern Albertan spring snow storms, don’t despair – there’s still plenty of indoor fun to be had around town! One of our favourite places to bring the kids to work out some of those winter crazies is the Telus Spark Science Centre – and if you visit any time this spring before June 9, you’ll get to clown around at CIRCUS! ScienceUnder the Big Top, a magical and magnificent learning event for all ages. Come one, come all!

Take a Walk on the Wild Side at the Calgary Zoo

Whether you’re waddling along with the Penguin Walk, enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime breakfastwith the giant pandas, or are simply looking to catch a glimpse of all the new baby animals that are born this time of year, there’s no place to celebrate the changing of the seasons quite like the Calgary Zoo. Enjoy the warm weather, see the wildlife, and treat your own little animals to a day of running around, exploring, and fun – we’ll be a monkey’s uncle if it’s not a spring day to remember!

* * *

Whatever you end up doing this spring, we hope you have some fun getting out of the house and enjoying the warm weather after that long and cold winter we just experienced. We’ve only listed a few of our favourite springtime events and activities above – there are dozens more happening every week throughout Calgary and the surrounding communities as things start to warm up, so get out there and make the most of them! If nothing else, be sure to spend some time outside with the little ones in the coming weeks and months – after all the time spent cooped-up indoors this winter, it’ll do them (and you!) some goodto get out and enjoy the sunshine, warmth, and new life that spring brings along with it. Happy spring, from all of us here at Pumpkin’s – now, get out there and have some fun!