Planning a Safe & Happy Halloween

It’s that time of the year again: fall is in the air, jack-o-lanterns and skeletons are adorning the streets and avenues, and candy-fueled squeals of delight will soon be heard throughout our neighbourhoods and communities. It’s Halloween! We’re big fans of this fun and spooky season here at Pumpkin’s (it could have something to do with our namesake being the unofficial veggie mascot of the holiday!), and have fond memories of countless hours spent running from house to house, yelling for candy at the top of our lungs, late into the October evening. We couldn’t wait to pass on that excitement to our young family, but there are definitely some considerations to make when heading out for some ghoulish fun with little ones. Read on for some great tips and pointers that will help make your Halloween a safe and happy one!

Getting Ready

Just like anything involving kids, toddlers, and babies, planning ahead is the key to success. Halloween can be lots of fun, but without the proper preparation, things can fall apart pretty quickly! Here are a few details to take care of before heading out on October 31:

  • Plan your route. In the past several years, Halloween has become a holiday that anyone can take part in, no matter how little he or she might be! If you’ve got an adventurous toddler or young child, plan to visit some houses close to home, so that it’s easy to pack it in when they get tired and are ready to call it a night. If going door-to-door is too much walking (or too cold!) for your pint-sized goblins, consider some of the indoor trick-or-treating options that will be taking place throughout the city, all day long!
  • Costume prep. There’s nothing cuter than a little toddler dressed like a pirate, or a wee baby girl who looks like an adorable sunflower. When it comes to Halloween costumes, though, safety always has to be the first consideration. Ensure that the costume is comfy, fits properly, and isn’t dragging or trailing on the ground – likewise, skip any masks or headwear. The last thing you want is for your new little walker to get caught up in the excitement and take a tumble because her vision was obstructed, or she tripped on her outfit. Also, make sure there aren’t any bits of costume that can be pulled off and eaten, depending on the age of your little Halloweener.
  • Getting into the spirit. When your little one sees all the spooky houses on your street, chances are, he’ll want to help get your home decorated for the season, too! Rather than carving a jack-o-lantern in the traditional manner, consider decorating pumpkins with markers or paint – that way, the whole family can take part, without having to worry about sharp knives or choking on pumpkin seeds!

On That Spooky Night…

Now that you’ve got all that planning and prep-work out of the way, you’re primed and ready to have a spooky night out with your little gremlins! Before you leave, we have a few more bits of advice to make sure the night is one to remember:

  • It’s all make-believe. Halloween is lots of fun, but there can be some scary houses and costumes out there! Before hitting the neighbourhood, take some time to explain to your little one that even though some of it might seem scary, none of it’s real, and it’s all make-believe. Taking time for this conversation could end up saving you from frightened tears later on in the evening!
  • Dress for warmth. As anybody who grew up in Alberta knows, there’s almost always snow on the ground by the time Halloween rolls around. Take a look at the weather before you head out, and make sure your little one is dressed nice and warm for the evening. It might not be fun layering up underneath that Batman costume, but it’s better than having to turn around after 10 minutes because it’s too chilly!
  • See, and be seen. It gets dark early this time of year, so take steps to see and be seen while you’re out trick-or-treating. Consider taking a flashlight with you (there are lots of cheap, Halloween-themed ones in stores this time of year) to light the way for your little one, and so that people and cars can see you coming.
  • Check that candy. Even if you don’t leave your neighbourhood, it’s always a good idea to check your little one’s candy before they tear into it. Ensure everything’s sealed, fresh, and doesn’t look like it’s from three Halloweens back. Also, diligently inspect everything for signs of tampering, and if something looks funny, don’t take the chance – just throw it out. Lastly, it’s not a bad idea to set some candy-eating guidelines as well – it’s never fun dealing with a post-Halloween tummy ache!

Follow these bits of advice, and you’re sure to have a fun-filled Halloween night that the whole family will enjoy! We can’t wait to share the spooky excitement of the season with our little ones, and are already eagerly anticipating all the silly stories that we’ll have to tell, come November 1st. From our family at Pumpkin’s Diaper Delivery Service to yours: Happy Halloween!!!