New Product Arrival: Rumparooz!

As Pumpkin’s clients and devoted readers of our blog might recall, last summer saw the unfortunate closure of both Bummis and Funky Fluff – two quality-driven diaper cover brands that we’d come to know and love. This left us with some considerably large shoes to fill when it came to finding the next supplier to help us fill our diaper cover-related needs. 

Well, after much research and plenty of hands-on testing, we are incredibly excited to announce that we are now carrying Rumparooz here at Pumpkin’s Diaper Delivery! I personally adore these covers for all their softness and stretchiness – not to mention their smartly-designed, leak-controlling double gussets! Of course, the wide selection of truly adorable prints certainly doesn’t hurt, either! ?

In addition to a wide range of fun colours and styles, Rumparooz also offers both snap and hook-and-loop options, allowing you to pick your cover based on your preferred method of closure. Pretty cool!

One of the things we’re proudest about here at Pumpkin’s is our ability to recommend products and techniques based on personal, parental experience, and that definitely factored in to our decision to start stocking Rumparooz. While we were at the tail end of potty-training our then-2.5-year-old (who, at 32 pounds, was a distinctly average-sized child), I could still get a great fit with a fully unsnapped one-size Rumparooz cover over our XL fluffy nighttime fitted diaper! The longevity of this cover is another reason that we decided to take the plunge and stock it – again, based off our own personal experiences, these covers went the extra mile (and then some) when it came to standing up to regular wear-and-tear. 

Looking for more info on this brand-new, upcoming edition to our lineup of products? Local blogger Lindsay from Maman Loup’s Den has a really great take on the Rumparooz cover. Her review is for the newborn-sized cover, but the features are identical to Rumparooz’ one-size cover that we’ll be carrying here at Pumpkin’s.

It’s always an exciting time when we get to announce a new product or partnership. We pride ourselves in offering only the best service to our clients – and, by extension, in selling only the highest-quality goods. We have lofty standards for the products we use and affiliate ourselves with, which is why our e-shop isn’t packed to the rafters with every brand of diaper cover and rash cream under the sun. We only work with products that earn our stamp of approval – and so, when we get to add something new to the mix, it’s often with a sense of celebration, following a long period of trials, testing, and research. We hope that you’ll love the quality and durability of Rumparooz just as much as we do – and, if you’ve got any questions at all about this new product, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Pumpkin’s Diaper Delivery today to learn more!