Happy Canada Day!

We live in a pretty special place – and today, we’re taking a moment to celebrate it. 

When it comes to being a parent, it’s tough to imagine a better place to raise a family than Canada. Our country is vast, beautiful, and free. It’s home to some of the happiest, healthiest citizens in the world. We have access to incredible, world-class healthcare, so that if a little one gets sick, breaks an arm playing, or needs medical attention, there isn’t a conversation about whether to go to the doctor or if you can afford the hospital fees at that particular moment – you just go. That goes the same for mom and dad, too: plenty of families all around the world kick off parenthood by financing a medical bill to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. Here in Canada, though, the costs associated with labour and delivery are really just about nothing – and that’s pretty dang cool.

Our country is home to leading-edge, government-subsidized education, all the way from kindergarten straight through to post-secondary (to varying degrees, of course – no one’s saying university is cheap, but it’s a whole lot more affordable than in some other places!). Our kids have access to pursue just about any sport, passion, or activity they find themselves interested in, and have an entire country stretching from sea to sea to sea full of wonder and wilderness to explore and enjoy. 

Not only that, but if you put any stock in the notion that it takes a village to raise a child, you couldn’t ask for a “village” more suited to the task than Canada: a nation full of people who are literally known around the world for being cordial, welcoming, and downright friendly. Our country values tolerance, acceptance, and respect – virtues that we, as parents, are always working to instill in our children. 

This long weekend, take the extra time we’ve got to not only be with your family, but to celebrate this big, beautiful country of ours and all the joy it brings to our lives – and to the lives of our little ones. Happy Canada Day, everyone – from our family to yours!