Fun Times at the Calgary Baby and Tot Show!

This past weekend, we got to take part in an event that’s always a highlight of our year here at Pumpkin’s: the Calgary Baby and Tot Show! We spent our Saturday and Sunday down at the BMO Centre, representing our business and working hard to bring cloth diapering to the masses. We had an absolute blast meeting new parents, parents-to-be, and, of course, the cutest bunch of toddlers, infants, and babies you could imagine! The Calgary Baby and Tot Show has always presented a great opportunity for us to do some business and make some connections, but at the end of the day, the show has come to represent something so much more to us.

The Calgary Baby and Tot Community

Part of what we love so much about getting to attend the annual Baby and Tot Show is the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Over the years, Calgary has developed an amazing community of businesses, resources, and support networks for parents, babies, and tots that reaches all through our city and beyond to the outlying towns and regions. Here at Pumpkin’s, we’re proud to be a part of this community, and we love the feeling of friendship and comradery that exists at events like the Calgary Baby and Tot Show.

Everywhere you turn, there are smiling faces, happy greetings, and warm hugs as members of this community old and new come together again to support not only each other, but all the new parents and babies out there as well. The Calgary Baby and Tot Show is less a bunch of businesses competing for your dollar, than it is a friendly and welcoming family, come together once again to usher in a new generation of parents, and to offer all the help, encouragement, and guidance that they might need.

For a great example of this supportive and helpful community, look no further than our friends over at Babies in Cloth. This fantastic organization works to help lessen the costs associated with raising a new baby by collecting and loaning out gently used cloth diapers to families that need them. With a local Calgary chapter helping those in need within our own community, we love to donate to and support Babies in Cloth! From collecting and sanitizing donated diapers, to contributing our own retired diapers, we can really stand behind this fabulous organization. We know first-hand the costs associated with raising little ones, and we can definitely appreciate the impact that this small gesture may have for those struggling financially.

It Takes a Village

We love what we do here at Pumpkin’s, and it’s not just because we get to drive a big ol’ van around town (although our delivery van is definitely lots of fun to cruise around in!) – it’s because we get to make a difference in the lives of brand new parents. When you’ve got a new baby in your arms, life changes forever. All of a sudden, there’s so much to do and take care of, and every spare moment becomes a precious commodity. Between feedings, changings, and all those many sleepless nights, it can feel as though getting through those first few years is a job meant for an army, not just two young parents!

That’s where we come in. We love our work because it helps to ease just a little bit of the stress that new parents feel on a daily, minute-by-minute basis: there might be lots of other things to worry about, but diapers? That’s taken care of! There’s nothing quite like seeing the gratitude in a mom or dad’s eyes when we pull up with a fresh load of cloth diapers each week – all of a sudden, there’s one less thing to think about running out and taking care of. During our weekly deliveries, we try to work efficiently, and be in and out with as little hassle or interruption as we can manage. At the Calgary Baby and Tot Show, however, we get the chance to sit and visit with parents and customers to our heart’s content. There’s nothing quite like hearing how grateful families are for the services we provide, or getting the chance to share some of the science behind what we do, or spreading the word about how beneficial cloth diapers truly are to the environment.

Spreading the Love

The annual Show gives us the chance to connect with not only our colleagues in the baby and tot community, but the parents and little ones we all come together to help out and support. It’s so great being able to spend a weekend chatting with, educating, and supporting our friendly and welcoming parenting community. It’s all about coming together to support one another!

Thanks so much to everyone who came by our booth to say hi – we couldn’t have been happier to see you all there! If you’ve got more questions about anything we might have talked about at the show (or if you couldn’t make it out, but want to learn more about Pumpkin’s), feel free to get in touch with us today – we’re always happy to chat about what we do, and to spread the word about cloth diapering!