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Here are some of the most common cloth diaper service and product inquiries...

Pumpkin’s Diaper Delivery is committed to exemplary customer service. We are parents too! We know  it’s hard enough to be a parent and you want everything to go smoothly. We are here to make sure that  happens. At least as far as diapering goes…and hey if you have other baby questions you can always ask. We have 3 beautiful kids, we’ve gone through the ropes.

We commit to “straight forward pricing”. You will NEVER see a “fuel surcharge” or a “delivery charge” on your invoice.

What we advertise $23.60 (Calgary, Airdrie, Chestermere, Langdon), $25.95 (bordering towns) is exactly what you will be charged. No surprises.

billionphotos-1855386We are environmentally aware and committed to giving back to our community and environment. Our laundering process is phosphate, LAS, & chlorine bleach free! We plant a tree for every child on our service as well as additional trees for what we take away in the way of printed materials and emissions.

We are a locally owned company, by parents just like you, not a franchise. This means we can take the time to listen to our customers and make decisions on what makes sense to us locally.

We support local! Our diapers are made in Edmonton and our pails, creams and covers are made in Canada. If we can buy it here, we will!

We go the extra mile to make our customers happy! Like offering free diaper cover rentals for newborn sizes to customers who purchase diaper covers through us.

If you’re happy, we’re happy!

We do ask that you avoid using any diaper cream that contains zinc, as it badly stains our diapers. The ONLY exception to this rule is the approved use of The Green Beaver Company diaper cream, which has been thoroughly wash tested. We do retail The Green Beaver Company for your convenience.

We also ask to avoid the use of petroleum based creams which can adhere to our fabrics and cause absorbency issues. A suitable alternative is plain coconut oil.

If you are at all in doubt if your cream of choice is ‘approved’ for use, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We also have several cream options for sale under our shop tab.

We’ll deliver your starter package 1-2 weeks prior to your due date. Once baby comes home just let us know and we will add you to the delivery schedule. Deliveries will be made on the same day each week. We monitor how many diapers are going out and coming back each week to ensure you never run out or have too many. Please let us know if you are down to your last bundle of clean diapers prior to delivery!

There’s no need to be home. Just place your waterproof laundry bag with the soiled diapers on your front step and we’ll take care of the rest.

Every baby is just a little different. We will deliver based on the age of your baby and if you find baby is outgrowing the current size, please send us an email and we will make sure you have the next size to try in your delivery. If you are sure you want to move to the next size, just email or call 403-771-0270 at least one day before your scheduled delivery day to have us make the necessary adjustments to the delivery.

Pumpkin’s Diaper Delivery diapers come in 5 convenient sizes that range from newborn to toddler.

Yes! Our cloth diapers will wick wetness to the outer layer and a diaper cover is needed to keep clothing dry. We have covers you can rent or purchase. If you purchase the covers from us we will wave the rental fee for the newborn size until your baby fits properly into the one-size diaper covers.
No! There is no scraping, rinsing or soaking with Pumpkin’s Diapers just place them in the odor-free diaper pail lined with our waterproof laundry bag. It’s as simple as that and as easy as a disposable diaper!!
The first missed week the driver will leave a reduced number of clean diapers for you. The next week you will need to leave out both bags of soiled diapers. If you forget to leave the bags out for two consecutive weeks we will not be able to leave you any diapers. We need to be sure that we have enough diaper inventory for all customers. You will still be charged $23.60 for a regular delivery, as our delivery van came to your house.
Our “straight forward pricing” policy means you will NEVER see a “fuel surcharge” or a “delivery charge” on your invoice. What we advertise $24.95 (Calgary, Airdrie, Chestermere, Langdon), $26.95 (bordering towns) is exactly what you will be charged. No surprises.
Simple! When you choose any of our starter packages you will be billed for the package in which you choose. After your baby is born your first delivery is on us. Then you will be billed on a bi-weekly schedule. We will automatically bill you through your chosen method of payment. Once your payment has been processed you will receive a receipt by email.  You can always change your payment method and any of the other account details such as address or contact info by visiting “My Account“.
We charge $20 per diaper & $15 per diaper bag for lost or stolen items.
Yes we do!
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Two weeks notice is required for vacation and cancellation. You will still be charged if you fail to provide written notification of vacations a minimum of two weeks in advance.
This time allows us to make necessary employee scheduling changes and ensures you will not be invoiced for the time you are on vacation.
More information can be found on our policies page.

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