Cloth Swim Diapers

Things are heating up here in southern Alberta as we begin to head toward summertime proper, which has us looking forward to some of our favorite warm weather activities. What’s sitting at the top of our list? Sunny afternoons spent at family-friendly pools and waterparks, of course! There’s nothing better than letting the little ones cool down and have some fun splashing around – but what to do about diapering? Often, folks assume that the only option for swim-time is going with a disposable – but did you know that there’s a way to avoid being stuck poolside with a soggy, plasticky disposable swim diaper? It’s true: reusable cloth swim diapers are amazing for any non-potty trained child – plus, they come in some absurdly adorable prints!

Here at Pumpkin’s, we stock two different types of swim diapers: sized and one-size-fits-most. While the one-size option has the best longevity, I do find that I personally prefer a sized diaper for both the really little babies and the bigger toddlers who may outgrow the one-size option.

Ready to hit the pool in environmentally-friendly style with your little one? Read on to learn a little bit more about the brands that we carry:



These swim diapers are available in S-XL sizing and are priced at $11.95 each. The interior is lined with a soft polyester and features gentle elastics that allow for a snug fit in order to best contain any accidents, in addition to smartly-designed side snaps that make for an easy change post-swimming.

The prints are to die for, and the girls’ styles even have ruffles on the bum – too cute!!!


This awesome one-size-fits-most swim diaper not only features an adjustable outside with rise snaps, but also includes a super cool inner-mesh sling that has an adjustable elastic! This extra detail provides a second layer of protection and ensures a superior snug fit in order to keep everything icky inside the diaper – and out of the pool!

Again, all those snaps work to allow for easy removal after everybody’s had their fill of pool-time fun.

Even if you don’t regularly choose cloth for your baby’s bottom, reusable swim diapers are a fantastic alternative to droopy, water-logged disposables – plus, they can be easily thrown in with your home laundry and hung to dry for the next use! So, get your wee ones out there for a splashing good time in the water this summer – and if you have any additional questions about cloth swim diapers, feel free to reach out to us at Pumpkin’s Diaper Delivery!