Well, to say that the last few months have been busy behind the scenes here at Pumpkin’s would be an understatement! We are finally ready to share the news that we have expanded our little company and added a sister location in Lloydminster. It has definitely been a roller coaster of excitement, frustration and perseverance as we put all of the pieces into place, but without further ado I would like to introduce:


Just like that, over the course of only a handful of days, we’ve watched the temperature swing from -30°C all the way up to some comparatively balmy days featuring highs in the positives (with the promise of the mercury climbing into the double digits in the near future!). Southern Alberta weather sure has a funny way about it! 


You’re probably already familiar with our world-class delivery service, but did you know that we also offer cloth diaper stripping here at Pumpkin’s, too? Dealing with a diaper-stink that just won’t quit isn’t something we’d wish on anyone, and it can definitely be a labor-intensive process to strip and bleach your own stash – so let us take care of it for you! If you’re convinced you want to take the DIY approach and handle all cloth cleaning duties yourself, don’t worry, we’ve still got your back; we’re always willing to give you a hand with troubleshooting and perfecting

As we head deeper into February and march steadily onward into 2019, we thought we’d take a moment to quickly look at the months ahead by examining some of the top parenting trends of the year. 

“Wait!” you might be thinking, “Top parenting trends of the year?? It’s only been 2019 for six weeks!” Of course, you’re right – but even though the new year kicked off only a short while ago, there are already a number of fresh, in-vogue parenting colloquies and conversations that have begun to take shape. Read

If you’ve spent time searching for a bulletproof nighttime cloth diapering solution, you’ve likely come across more than a few suggestions urging you to consider wool soakers or longies. While this option might seem incredibly intimidating at first – as visions of hand washing, long hot lanolin baths, and hours of dry time flash through your mind – I’m here to help convince you to take the plunge!



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