Things are heating up here in southern Alberta as we begin to head toward summertime proper, which has us looking forward to some of our favorite warm weather activities. What’s sitting at the top of our list? Sunny afternoons spent at family-friendly pools and waterparks, of course! There’s nothing better than letting the little ones cool down and have some fun splashing around – but what to do about diapering? Often, folks assume that the only option for swim-time is going with a disposable – but did you know that there’s a way to avoid being stuck poolside with a soggy,

April snowstorms have brought us our well-deserved May flowers – and some beautifully warm days to boot! All this balmy spring weather has been fantastic, but it’s not quite as fun as it might be if we weren’t cooped up in our truck making deliveries through it all. That’s why we’ve been eagerly looking forward to Victoria Day long weekend. Any chance to get out there and enjoy some warm, sunny spring weather with our family is one we’ll always jump at – now, it’s just a matter of figuring out what to do! We’re certainly not lacking for options;

Well, that was surely a fun weekend! We just got finished wrapping up the Great Cloth Diaper Change here at Pumpkin’s, held every year in celebration of Earth Day and all things reusable. We wanted to take this opportunity to once again recognize our bright and talented co-sponsors for the event: Babes in Arms and the Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot! A huge shout-out is also owed to Karen from the fabulous Babies in Cloth for taking on the monumental task of organizing not just our local event, but multiple, simultaneous cloth diaper changes all over the world

You’re probably already familiar with our world-class delivery service, but did you know that we also offer cloth diaper stripping here at Pumpkin’s, too? Dealing with a diaper-stink that just won’t quit isn’t something we’d wish on anyone, and it can definitely be a labor-intensive process to strip and bleach your own stash – so let us take care of it for you! If you’re convinced you want to take the DIY approach and handle all cloth cleaning duties yourself, don’t worry, we’ve still got your back; we’re always willing to give you a hand with troubleshooting and perfecting

It’s springtime on the Prairies! The snow’s starting to melt, the days are getting warmer (well, some of them are, anyway – it is still March, after all!), and soon, winter will be nothing more than a chilly, distant memory. Of course, spring means more than just nice, sunny days. This is the season of new life and fresh beginnings – and, if you’re a new or expectant parent, it also heralds the return of the Calgary Baby and Tot Spring Show! We always look forward to these shows – in fact, they’re one of the highlights of our year! Never


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