You’re probably already familiar with our world-class delivery service, but did you know that we also offer cloth diaper stripping here at Pumpkin’s, too? Dealing with a diaper-stink that just won’t quit isn’t something we’d wish on anyone, and it can definitely be a labor-intensive process to strip and bleach your own stash – so let us take care of it for you! If you’re convinced you want to take the DIY approach and handle all cloth cleaning duties yourself, don’t worry, we’ve still got your back; we’re always willing to give you a hand with troubleshooting and perfecting

It’s springtime on the Prairies! The snow’s starting to melt, the days are getting warmer (well, some of them are, anyway – it is still March, after all!), and soon, winter will be nothing more than a chilly, distant memory. Of course, spring means more than just nice, sunny days. This is the season of new life and fresh beginnings – and, if you’re a new or expectant parent, it also heralds the return of the Calgary Baby and Tot Spring Show! We always look forward to these shows – in fact, they’re one of the highlights of our year! Never

You’d be hard-pressed to try and find bigger advocates for cloth diapering than we are here at Pumpkin’s, but even I’ll admit that for brand-new parents, trying to use cloth diapers overnight can sometimes be a frustrating experience! While it’s completely understandable to want to give up and just use disposables for the proverbial graveyard shift, I did want to share some great tips to help get you through the tough initial trial-and-error stage. I promise that if you persevere long enough to break through and find a solution that works for your little one, being able to rely on

Every February here in Alberta, we get to enjoy a nice, long weekend together with the people we love as we celebrate Family Day. That extra Monday off provides a great opportunity to spend some time with kids, partners, and parents to focus on what matters most: enjoying each other’s company, and reflecting on what it means to be a family. Here at Pumpkin’s, we always try to set aside every Family Day to be with our kids and reconnect with one another – but beyond that, we like to take the day as an opportunity to consider how we

Last week, we kicked off the first of our two-part blog series talking about why we choose cloth. We delved into the environmental benefits of cloth diapering, and shared some of the ways that choosing cloth helps us to be responsible stewards of our planet. Today, we’re going to look a little closer to home, and chat about all the ways that cloth diapering can benefit not just the environment, but also your family. As with our last blog, we want to be very up-front about the fact that we are in no way intending to pass judgement on


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