Looking Back on 2019

Posted by Cayley Renfrow on  December 25, 2019


2019’s been another big, exciting year here at Pumpkin’s. Looking back, it feels like we’ve got a lot to celebrate this holiday season. It’s been a busy year, for sure, full of deliveries, diapers, and drop-offs. We’ve attended baby shows all over the province, spreading the word about cloth diapering across Alberta and even opening up a new service in the city of Lloydminster – a huge moment of growth and celebration! We forged a brand-new connection with Lil’ Hoots Consignment Boutique (one that included us hosting a fun and memorable learning seminar!) and continued to

At Pumpkin’s Diaper Delivery, we’re champions of reusable, environmentally friendly practices. That’s the cornerstone of our business, after all: giving the families within our service the opportunity to not just save money, but to make a positive change when it comes to living green and wasting less. When we made the decision to put our own little ones in cloth during their early years, we did so for a number of reasons. First, there are all the associated health-related benefits that come along with foregoing the chemical-laden disposables, which on its own really gave us reason enough

One of the things that always surprised us as parents was just how quickly babies grow and change. One day, you’ve got a full laundry hamper overflowing with onesies, sleepers and outfits that fit your little one – 24 hours later, you’re scrambling to try and find something that doesn’t look like it’s going to burst apart at the seams! 


This weekend, we’re spending some time away from Pumpkin’s HQ (aka our house 😆) to head down to the BMO Centre and host a booth at the biannual Calgary Baby and Tot Show. What’s that? You’ve never been to the Calgary Baby and Tot Show?? Well, you’ve come to precisely the right blog, then, because today, we’re going to spend some time going through all the reasons why you should make some time to come down and check things out.  


Even though the good ol’ cloth diapering days might be behind us in the Pumpkin’s household, we still love having a handful of AppleCheeks MiniZip wetbags around. They’re just so unbelievably handy! We use ours for everything from storing a change of pants in the car to medicine and toiletry holders to even securely stowing our passports! 



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