Baby, It’s Cold Outside! Tips for Keeping Baby Warm this Winter

As much as we might miss the warmth and sunshine of summer, winter on the Prairies really is something special. There’s nothing quite like the tranquil calm and peaceful beauty of a fresh snowfall. There isn’t an Albertan alive who doesn’t have fond memories of exploring winter wonderlands with their families as they grew up, and if you’re anything like us, you probably can’t wait to take your little ones out to experience the magic and splendour of the season themselves. That said, if you’ve got a babe in arms, you’ll want to take extra precautions to make sure she stays nice and toasty when the mercury starts to drop. Read on and follow these helpful tips to keep your little one snug as a bug in a rug this winter!

First Thing’s First: Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Before journeying outside, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got baby’s room prepped and ready for the chilly months ahead. As adults, we might just throw an extra blanket or comforter on the bed when the snow starts to fall, but as you’re probably already aware, this isn’t a good idea for baby, who should be sleeping in her crib without any pillows or coverings at all. Further, experts are currently advising parents to keep baby’s room on the cooler side at nighttime, meaning it can be tricky to keep your little one warm enough without making her too hot. We recommend creating a cozy sleeping environment with a fitted flannel sheet, soft onesie sleepers (complete with footies to keep those little toes toasty!) and a zip-up sleeping sack if a little extra warmth is needed.

Wonderful Winter Wear

Now that everyone’s gotten the shuteye they need, it’s time to talk about taking baby outside to experience all the beautiful frosty delights winter has to offer. First: be sure to give yourself plenty of time! Dressing baby for the weather is far from a five-second affair, so plan ahead.

When it comes to keeping your little one warm, we recommend layers: dress baby as you would for a normal day, and then slip her into an easy-on, easy-off snowsuit or bunting to protect against the cold (for the uninitiated, snowsuits are warm outer layers with arms and legs, while buntings look more like sleeping bags and are often used to keep brand-new little ones nice and toasty).

Just as you wouldn’t head out to shovel the walk without a hat, mittens, and boots, baby shouldn’t leave the house without these essentials, either. Your little one feels the cold much quicker than you do, so while you might not mind being gloveless for the two-minute walk to the neighbour’s house for playtime, we definitely recommend taking the time to bundle your babe against the elements, even if it means removing layers later on.

However, with that said, you don’t want to go overboard in this regard, either. While you want to dress your baby to stay snug while the car warms up, it’s important to keep in mind that bundling your little one in a big, puffy snowsuit and then strapping her into the car seat isn’t a safe practice to follow, either. When it comes to car rides, a good rule of thumb it to dress baby for being inside the car, not out of it.

Some Extra Suggestions for Folks Who Love Winter

If you plan to be out and about with baby frequently this winter, there are a few extra accessories that might be worthwhile to look into in order to keep your little one warm and comfortable all season long. Consider investing in a warm, snuggly stroller seat liner to provide that little bottom with some extra warmth – and, while we’re on the topic of strollers, take a look at special, weather-resistant covers to keep your babe from getting covered in snow if the weather takes a turn.

Finally, if you plan to be outside in the daytime, remember that the winter sun is just as harmful to baby’s skin as it is in the heat of summer. Take a moment to apply some sunscreen to any bits of skin that might be exposed to keep baby from getting burnt, and consider some sunglasses to protect her eyes from the harmful light reflecting off all that bright, beautiful snow.


There’s plenty to think about when preparing baby for winter weather, and while she might be a little fussy getting wrapped up in all those layers of clothes, there’s nothing more special than watching your little one experience falling snow for the very first time. Have fun out there this season, and as always, if you’ve got questions about cloth diapering (either throughout winter or during any other time of the year!), don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Pumpkin’s Diaper Delivery today!