Another Great Baby and Tot Show in the Bag!


We came, we saw…we cloth diapered! That is to say, we couldn’t have had a better weekend than we did attending the fall edition of the Calgary Baby and Tot Show this past September 29 and 30. It was a pleasure to be surrounded by so many moms and dads who were expecting, expecting to be expecting, and well-past the point of expecting with a baby in arms! If you weren’t able to make it out, you definitely missed a good time, but don’t worry – we’ll be happily recounting a bit of our experience at the show in today’s blog. So, read on, and learn all about why you’ll want to be sure to get tickets to the spring show when it rolls around in a few months’ time!

An Amazing Group of Show-Goers

As always, the cadre of moms, dads, babies, and little ones who came by our booth during the Saturday and Sunday of the show were nothing short of delightful. As we mentioned in our pre-show blog, one of the things we look forward to most each and every event like this is the opportunity to chat and catch up with our clients, and the turnout at the Baby and Tot Show did not disappoint. We were overwhelmed with the number of familiar faces who came by the booth and were so happy to have the opportunity to chat with each and every one of our clients – both past and present – who took the time to stop by and say hello.

We also got the opportunity to chat with plenty of folks who weren’t in our service, but who just happened to be walking by and were interested in learning a bit about what it is we do. Cloth diapering has made huge strides over the past few years to become much more widespread within parenting circles, but people still have lots of questions about the ins-and-outs when it comes to the benefits of fluff – and we were only too happy to take the opportunity to preach about the all the financial, environmental, and health-related advantages! We always love helping people realize just how easy cloth diapering can be, and the Baby and Tot Show gave us the opportunity in spades.

An Incredible Collection of Exhibitors

The other thing that always knocks our socks off at each and every Baby and Tot Show we attend is the wide and varied assortment of friendly, quality-driven vendors who are genuinely interested – just like we are – in doing what they can to help make the lives of new and expecting parents that much better. Speaking from personal experience, raising kids isn’t easy, and neither’s being pregnant. There are so many situations that you suddenly find yourself facing that you hadn’t thought about or didn’t realize would be the way that they are. It can be overwhelming. If you’ve ever felt that way at any point while raising or expecting little ones, we can’t recommend checking out the next Baby and Tot Show enough. Whether you’re after fun locally-made toys, sleep consultation for your little one, or even skis for your stroller to make wintery walks more enjoyable, you’ll find an exhibitor happy to chat about how they can help make your life as a parent just a little bit easier at the Baby and Tot Show.

A Warm, Welcoming Show

The last thing we want to say about the Fall 2018 Baby and Tot Show is just how friendly and accommodating the event is as a whole. From registration to teardown, the showrunners and staff at the BMO Centre go out of their way to ensure everybody has what they need for a successful weekend. This welcoming atmosphere also works to extend all the way across the showroom floor: the entire weekend, no matter where you went in Hall B of the BMO Centre, you were greeted by smiling parents, laughing children, and a warm, friendly atmosphere. There’s something special about the feeling in the air at the Baby and Tot Show – it really has to be seen to be believed.


We had a blast at this fall’s Baby and Tot Show and are already looking forward to the next event this coming spring. In the meantime, if you’ve got questions about cloth diapering, our services, or anything fluff-related, feel free to reach out to us at Pumpkin’s Diaper Delivery – even when we’re not at our show booth, we’re always happy to chat about anything and everything cloth!